Advances in Biopharmaceutical Technology in China
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Chapter 16:   Chinese Bioindustry Parks: Evolution and Growth

By Yutao Hua, Ling Fan

About the Author:
Mr. HUA Yutao, Assistant Researcher, China National Center for Biotechnology Development (CNCBD) earned his Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, from Tsinghua University in 1999, and his Masters of Biological Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University in 2002. Since 2004, he has performed research in the Biopharmaceutical Department, CNCBD.

Ms. FAN Ling is Director of the Biopharmaceutical Department, China National Center for Biotechnology Development (CNCBD). She received her Medical bachelor from Capital University of Medical Sciences in 1988, and worked as a Gynecologist, Beijing Red-cross Chaoyang Hospital until 1992. Her expertise includes work at the Department of Foreign Cooperation, CNCBD, and the First High-tech Department, CNCBD.

With the rapid growth of "development zones" in China, there has been a corresponding evolution of Chinese Bioindustry parks. Currently, there are more than 100 Bioindustry parks in the provinces and cities of China, including high- and new-technology industries development zones, science and technology parks, the industry parks, and the demonstration base. National and local preferential policies allow bio-enterprises in the parks to enjoy a reduction or exemption from taxes, along with a series of preferential terms. As Bioindustry parks have developed over the years, some have shown the effects of the build-up of industry clusters. Enterprises in the parks often experience a "clustered economic benefit" by sharing a common infrastructure, specialized human resources, and a common sales market. Chinese Bioindustry parks have become a magnet and gathering-place for biotechnology talent, providing a central location where biotechnology achievement is transformed into production. Chinese Bioindustry parks have successfully attracted venture capital investment and capital operations, and have become home to numerous academic scientific research institutions, world-renowned bioindustry giants, as well as nascent, start-up biotech enterprises.

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