Advances in Biopharmaceutical Technology in China
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Chapter 6:   Biopharmaceuticals in China: A Market, Import/Export, and Financial Review

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    This chapter provides an overview of the development of the Chinese biopharmaceutical industry, and extensive information, graphs and tables on imports and exports of Chinese pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals. Contents include:
    • Achievements during the 10th Five-Year Period; R&D strategies;
    • Widening gaps between China and developed countries; Current problems in Chinese biopharmaceutical industry and countermeasures;
    • Investor issues and investment modes; Lack of mature, effective capital operation
    • Analysis of drug distribution in China from the National Statistics Bureau of China; Financials for the Chinese pharmaceutical industry: Production growth rates; Proportions of production of the pharmaceutical; Economic efficiency analysis; Overall efficiency analysis; Profit growth of the pharmaceutical industry; Analysis of profit rates; Economic efficiency; Growth of liability ratio and account receivable, and cash ratios of the pharmaceutical industry and subindustries;
    • Market supply and demand analysis: Output analysis for Chinese patent medicines; Regional output value; Ranking of regions according to gross output; Sales and inventory analysis; Sales: Sales revenue and after-tax profits concentration ratio of the top 10 enterprises; Main economic indexes of the top enterprises;
    • Operational status of enterprises of various scales; Economic efficiency; Status of enterprises of various ownerships; Sales revenues proportions of pharmaceutical enterprises of various ownerships in 2005; Top 100 Chinese Pharmaceutical Enterprises, Gross Output Value in 2005;
    • Overview of development of Chinese biopharmaceutical industry; 2005/2006 biopharmaceutical industry main economic indexes; Chinese biopharmaceutical industry scale analysis; Analysis of the Chinese Drug Market in 2006;
    • New opportunities and challenges for reform and development of drug distribution;
    • Reorganization and reform of the pharmaceutical industry;
    • Drug Import and Export in China analysis of drug import and export in 2005; Export amounts and growth of main drug products;
    • Problems in biopharmaceutical export and countermeasures;
    • Rapid development of biopharmaceutical industry in China and the rest of the world; Challenges to China's biopharmaceutical exports; Chinese biopharmaceutical enterprises: Planning for product exports;
    • Biopharmaceutical Industry Status in Provinces and Municipalities: Beijing: Developmental Status; Main economic indices; Shanghai status; Guangdong: status; Shenzhen strategic innovation; Fujian status; other regions: Changchun, Hohhot
    • Analysis of factors influencing the development of the biopharmaceutical industry
    • Influence of WTO on Chinese biopharmaceutical industry; Status of drug intellectual property rights protection in China; WTO critical problems for Chinese pharmaceuticals; Drug Intellectual Property Policy in China after WTO
    • Current Conditions for Biogeneric Drugs in China; Influence of China's National Policies; Biological products industry policies over the next 15 Years.
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