Advances in Biopharmaceutical Technology in China
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Chapter 5:   Biopharmaceutical Strategy in China: An Analysis of Innovation, Financing Policies, Talent, and Strategic Considerations Through 2010 (11th 5-year Plan)

Chemical Industry Press (China)
Huixinli, No. 3
Chaoyang District,
Beijing 100029 China

About the Author:
Section 1: China's Biopharma Industry's Current Status & Problems
Qi Chengyuan, Deputy Director
, High-Tech Industry Department of the National Development and Reform Commission.

Wang Changlin, Ph.D., Deputy Director, Industry Research Institute, Academy of Macroeconomy of the National Development and Reform Commission.

Section 2: Technological Innovation Strategy within China's Bio-industry
Wang Chunfa
, Senior Researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and a Professor and Division Chief of The Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).

Section 3: Strategic Thoughts on China's Bio-industry Talents and Professional Education
Zhu Yuxian
, Ph. D. National Advisory Committee for the "863 High Technology Program", Ministry of Science and Technology.

Section 4: Case Studies in Industrialization of Biopharmaceutical Products in China
4.1 Case Study 1: Industrialization of BaiAo Lumbrokinase Serial Products in Beijing :
Hou Quanmin
, MBA: Mr Hou is General Manager of Beijing BaiAo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Vice President of ZhongSheng BeiKong Technology Inc.
Guan Baoquan: Mr Guan is manager of the Registration Section of Beijing WanTai Biological Product Co., Ltd.
Wang Junlin Mr Wang is the Executive President of Shanghai CITIC GuoJian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

4.2 Case Study 2 Industrialization of Recombinant HIV Antigen & Antibody Diagnostic Reagent Kit in Beijing
Beijing WanTai Biological Pharmacy Enterprise Co., Ltd.

4.3 Case Study 3: Industrialization of a Humanized Monoclonal Antibody Drug in Shanghai
Wang Junlin
Mr. Wang is the Executive President of Shanghai CITIC GuoJian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

This chapter includes material from a study originally published in Chinese by the Chemical Industry Press 2005. It includes an analysis of innovation, financing policies, staffing, talent, and strategic thought through 2010 (11th 5-Year Plan) in China. Included are case studies on monoclonal antibody production in China. The chapter discusses: China's biopharma industry's current status & problems, recommendations for Chinese bio-industry development; problems in china's bio-industry Development capital and single financing channels; major economic indexes; independent innovation policies; opportunities and challenge; advantages within China's bio-industry; technological innovation strategies; technical and economic characteristics of bio-industry; innovation conditions in China; technical research level of China's bio-industry; proposals for improving innovation systems within China's bio-industry; policy recommendations. The chapter also includes: talent and staffing strategies for China's biopharmaceutical industry; analysis of current conditions for labor resources in China's bio-industry; staffing contradictions in the Chinese bio-industry; talent required to achieve bio-industry strategic objectives; analysis of national economy, bio-industry scale, and employees in China and USA; estimation of talent demand of Chinese bio-industry in 20 years; talent demand of China's bio-industry in 2020. We also present case studies in industrialization of biopharmaceutical products in China: Industrialization of Baiao lumbrokinase serial products in Beijing; industrialization of recombinant HIV antigen & antibody diagnostic reagent kit in Beijing; and the industrialization of humanized monoclonal antibody drug in Shanghai.

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