Advances in Biopharmaceutical Technology in China
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Chapter 3:   China's Healthcare System and the Demand for Biopharmaceutical Products

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About the Author:
Faiz Kermani BSc (Hons), PhD
Dr Faiz Kermani is Marketing Manager at the CRO Chiltern International. He previously worked in business development at CMR International, examining R&D productivity issues for pharmaceutical industry clients. He has also worked as a research analyst for a Danish healthcare consultancy, Informedica A/S, focusing on global pharmaceutical pricing and parallel importation. Prior to moving into these commercial roles he worked in medical research in the pharmaceutical industry and academia. He holds a PhD in Immunopharmacology from St. Thomas' Hospital, London and a First Class Honours degree in Pharmacology with Toxicology from King's College, London. He has written extensively on emerging healthcare markets, and is on the editorial board of various industry publications. In March 2006, he was a delegate on the UK Government's Trade & Investment Biotech Scoping Mission to China and contributed to the subsequent report.

China offers biopharmaceutical and other healthcare companies a range of commercial opportunities. Like many other rapidly industrializing nations, a growing proportion of the country's population now lives in cities and so urbanization is having a great impact on society. The changing epidemiological profile of the population has been accompanied by a rise in chronic diseases and yet there remains a persistence of diseases associated with poverty and social inequality.

China's large and growing population naturally suggests that there will be a rising demand for modern medicines and this has led to many companies investing in the country. However, the size and structure of the future Chinese pharmaceutical market will depend on the purchasing power of people in different areas of the country and the government's efforts to reform healthcare. If biopharmaceutical companies are to succeed in China then they must understand the political dynamics and social developments taking place.

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